We don't just talk about guns.  7:00 AM 28 February 2015, temp was -18.  Training Area A2  Female coyote about 40 lbs.

Nathan H. Allen


  Blackstone Valley Precision is the result of 37 years of experience. As a kid growing up in New England I learned at a very young age the basics of marksmanship. But in 1979 as a freshman in high school I joined the Bedford High School Rifle Team and was hooked on precision shooting. Since that day in 1979 my shooting skills and interests have changed and evolved.

  In 1985 dropping out of college and joining the U.S. Army was not seen as exercising "good decision making skills". But, that is exactly what I did. After 22 years of active federal service, having served in Aviation, Military Intelligence, and the Ordnance Corp. I retired as a Master Sergeant.  With the experiences of having served and deployed in Combat Support and Combat Service Support branches I am intimately familiar with the need for reliable, accurate, sustainable firearms.

  My interest as a competitive shooter wanting to improve and build my own firearms lead me to work as an apprentice for Brian Smith of Smith Guns in La Crosse Wisconsin.  Where I learned what it takes to build and maintain both modern and historic firearms.  His insistence on quality workmanship, a high level of customer support, and a zero defect policy has become my own mantra when working on all firearms.

Family is the most important aspect of my life.  Having married my high school sweetheart in 1985, we have two children together.  Both of whom were also bitten by the competitive shooting bug.  Today the four of us enjoy participating in 3 Gun events in the South West Wisconsin area.  Since life is not always about winning we have taken a less competitive stance and enjoy working with new shooters and helping them get involved with Wisconsin 3 Gun.  If you are ever in the La Crosse area you can generally find us shooting 3 Gun at Fort McCoy Sportsman's Range the 3rd Saturday of the summer months.  When not shooting 3 Gun we spend the winter months hunting White Tail deer and Coyote.

  I look forward to being able to work with you on building that custom dream rifle that you've always wanted or repairing grandpa's shotgun so that you can take it out hunting again.


Nathan Allen



Ordnance Order of samuel Sharp

COL Decius Wadsworth Award of Scholarship


Blackstone Valley Precision

Why Blackstone Valley?  Originally I am from New England, specifically the Blackstone Valley Region of New England, thus the name of Blackstone Valley Precision.  .

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